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child Protection Policy

 Ash Dance Festival is fully committed to safeguarding the well being of its entrants involved in this dance festival. Our Policy applies to all staff, volunteer matrons and parent volunteers working at the Festival. All staff are expected to work within this policy to safeguard children and young people (under the age of 18 years of age).

Underlying principles.

Ash Dance Festival Child Protection policy Introduction, The Ash Dance Festival is All children deserve the opportunity to achieve their full potential. All children have the right to be safeguarded from harm. Responsibility for protection of children must be shared because children are safeguarded only when all relevant agencies and individuals accept responsibility and co-operate with one another.

All schools entering are aware of the roles and responsibilities of all festival personnel and volunteers.

Each child entering and visiting the festival is the responsibility of their own parent or Carer until they perform (time on stage and at the side of stage) when they are supervised by festival organisers/staff all of whom are staff, volunteer matrons or CRB checked volunteers.

All festival personnel wear name badges.

Gender specific changing rooms are identified. Men are not allowed in female changing areas. Public areas like eating rooms, warm up rooms and toilets are unsupervised.

Changing areas are not supervised. Festival entrants are expected to make their own arrangements to ensure children are supervised at all times.

Photography and recording is not permitted unless an official photographer is present. Where parents/carers take photographs outside of the performance area they should ensure no other children are included in their photographs.

Supporting Legislation and Guidance. The Children’s Act (1989) The Data Protection Act (1998) The Human Rights Act (1998) The Children (Performances) Regulations 1968 Surrey Safeguarding Children Board. This policy is included in the syllabus sent to all schools entering the festival.

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